BLOMA ENGINEERING CO. :: Injection Blow Moding Machine
Quick and Safe mold change by easy operation of each parts as it focused on user side.
Main base frame of solid steel structure guarantee precision and reliableness of each devices as
well as uniformity and stability of products.
Mechanic, hydraulic, electric multi-safety devices are protect mold and operator safely.
Specially designed clamping and injection device bring high energy efficiency and accuracy
while high speed mode.
Sliding safety doors are useful to mold change or manual operation and take up less space for
machine installation.
Keeping a high precision against thermal expansion and clamping force.
Wide and fixed Tie bars-easier mold change.
3 Point vertical clamping unit-equal clamping force, minimize abrasion of the mold.
High precision indexing device-high speed working, high reliableness, semi permanent life time of
the machine.
Position sensor and mechanic, electric, hydraulic multi safety devices, mold safety device.
Laser sensor on bottle ejecting-core rods protection.
High injection speed even low injection pressure provide optimum injection condition.


Multiple(time, distance, speed, pressure) injection. control system-provide optimum injection.

Equipped with linear motion bearing on moving injection unit-accurate injection control and semi permanent durability.
PID control 6 zones temperature control-provide optimum injection condition.
Equipped with ceramic heater and cooling fan.
Micro process control.
10.4" LCD color monitor 1.
Various and easy understandable graphic screen.
PID Temperature control function.
100moduls molding data saving function.
Self check-up, alert, working history managing function.
Manage of product q'ty and statistical manage of quality.